4 ways AR can improve UX design

Four ways AR can help the UX

Let’s see the four ways Augmented Reality can change the UX design for good, and how to easily integrate this technology into your website.

By making it easier to perform a task

What is cool about AR interfaces is how they merge into users’ environment, making the interaction efficient and requiring little user effort.

By smoothing the information retention process

Thanks to Augmented Reality, finding useful information or seeing how a product or service works in real life is way easier: instead of fulfilling the website with infographics and charts, users simply need to scan a QR code on desktop or tap a link on mobile to start and engaging AR experience, and move the information smoothly from the virtual context to the real one.

By combining multiple sources of information and minimizing attention drops

Attention span online is deficient, with an average of 1.7 seconds per post on Facebook, making it very difficult for designers to engage users and keep them on their website; however, the same users would spend up to 1–2 minutes experiencing AR brand content (source: aryel.io).

By giving that WOW effect, users are looking for

Websites are subjected to trends; that’s a fact. Whether you’re into geometric minimalism and flat icons or horror-vacui style designs, AR can give your website that extra gear that makes it unforgettable for your users.

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