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2020 has been a challenging year from the point of view of e-commerce: from one day to another, the shopping experience moved almost 100% online in most Western countries, and many brands, most of all the smallest ones, weren’t ready for this.

Product Visualization needed an update to keep the pace with users needs — and here’s where AR comes into play.

Online shopping can be both a fantastic experience, since it allows you to buy without moving from your home, and a disappointing one — because we all know the struggle of buying items we cannot touch and see in real life.

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After a low-touch year as 2020, AR is expected to be one of the most exciting technologies in 2021 and disrupt online and offline worlds.

Let’s take a look at what we should expect from Augmented Reality in the upcoming year.

AR and advertising

Augmented Reality already proved to be a powerful tool for off- and online ads.

Big brands and web agencies, and SMEs finally understood this technology’s value as a marketing tool. Thanks to platforms like Aryel smaller businesses can profit from this growing trend.

As an exciting forecast by ARtillery Intelligence says, AR adv is expected to grow from $509 million in 2019 to $8.02 …

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It’s that time of the year again! 🎄 With Christmas right behind the corner and the world in the middle of a pandemic, it could seem that this year the holidays are pretty… odd.

But it only takes a little bit of creativity, Christmas spirit, and Aryel’s platform to bring the joy of the season into your daily life!

Let’s get down to business, little elves!

Have a merry AR Christmas this year!

Using Augmented Reality WOW-effect in December is something that big brands have done in the last few years: Coca-Cola, Starbucks, to quote a few, usually adds some AR experiences to their packaging during holidays… and now you can do the same too! …

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Suppose you work in the marketing field as CMO, marketing intern, or social media manager. In that case, one of your goals is to make potential customers remember your brand and interact with it in many different ways to boost sales and ROI.

We know the feeling: that’s why we want to introduce you to the seven ways AR Marketing can enhance your marketing efforts both off- and online!

But let’s start from the beginning — and with this, we mean with numbers and stats!

As the eMarketers 2020 report says, 83.1 million users will use AR at least once a month in 2020 in the United States, with an expected rate of 95.1 …

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Don’t turn your nose up at this; games are not for kids anymore! We’re going to prove to you how gamification can be a significant *game-changer* for your business (ah ah!).

What is gamification?

With gamification, we mean the introduction of game mechanics, behavioral elements, and design techniques in non-gaming contexts. In short, it involves taking those elements that trigger achievements and competition, and applying them to different things, in this case, your business.

It can consist of giving points and badges (most basic game mechanics) for completing some tasks. …

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Anyone who used Google at least one time knows that the big G algorithm uses various processes to rank hundreds or thousands of sites in a snap. When users google something, an algorithm provides a list of websites that match their search, which are chosen and ranked based on relevance and popularity.

Getting a good ranking on Google can be challenging for small companies, but this is crucial to make people find them and increase their brand awareness and, of course, sales.

Local SEO can help reach these goals: when users look for keywords and a location, Google suggests the more popular businesses nearby — it’s easy to understand why it is so important to be among the firsts results the algorithm shows. …

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Doesn’t matter if they have the shape of little mushrooms, cherries, or holy water (not to mention the bottled fairies, of course); everyone loves power-ups!

That’s why we worked hard to equip our AR marketing platform with the most amazing Power-Ups, to give you the smoothest workflow experience and, of course, to make it even more… powerful!

Why are Power-Ups so important to bring you campaigns to the next level? …

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One of the most remunerative industry is, not surprisingly, the entertainment one. After all, humans like to be entertained and love games.

But, as we often stated, they also love to interact with what they’re experiencing — so, what if we tell you that AR is the next big thing in interactive entertainment?

Not only for video games, of course, but AR can be a game-changer also in the movie industry, giving the audience a 100% immersive experience when sitting on the couch or at the cinema.

AR for video games

Since their first appearance, video games have evolved impressively, giving users an experience that is every year more realistic and engaging and making up 26 percent of all media consumption hours (source: …

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Suppose you’re old enough to have played video games in the 90s. In that case, you know what I’m talking about: fantastic scenarios made of not-so-tiny pixels and incredible adventures in 2D — young millennials were having the time of their lives.

Now, let’s take a look at video games nowadays: immersive 3D experiences, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality… we have come a long way since the nineties!

Why 3D content is so fascinating, and why is it so valuable for your marketing mix?

3D is the future is already here.

It’s just a matter of time before 3D content will be the norm, and the users will demand this technology more and more. …

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That feeling of being in a crowded stadium cheering for your team, your face painted with their colors, and waiting outside the locker rooms to meet your idols.

Isn’t this a crucial part of the whole sports experience that people look forward to, no matter which sport they love?

Of course, these days, when stadiums are closed, and supporters need to watch matches from home, it could be these amazing on the side experiences are set aside for a while.

But it doesn’t have to be like this: thanks to Augmented Reality technology, it’s easy to give supporters and sport enthusiasts the engaging experiences they’re asking for.



Hi, I’m Aryel! My platform helps brands to launch engaging augmented reality marketing campaigns in a snap. No coding. No apps. Easy-peasy! 🖖

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