AR for Business Cards: take your networking to the next level

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Give those cards an extra gear

Exchanging business cards could seem a bit out of fashion, we know. But in many cultures, such as the Japanese, they’re crucial to determine the outcome of business proposals.

  • it’s hard to update once printed
  • standing out is a mission impossible

The wow effect, in your pocket

Making a great first impression can sometimes be harsh, mostly with business cards: according to these stats, 88% of the exchanged cards will be tossed within a week.

  • wow effect guaranteed: sleep tight, your business cards it’s going to be the coolest in town!
  • 100% customizable: stand out and show your uniqueness, making great first impressions has never been that easy
  • get the most out of analytics: check how many times people scanned your business cards

What can I integrate into an AR business card?

Thanks to Augmented Reality, your visiting card potential is unlimited. Think out of the box, the experience is in your control.

  • your company website
  • a landing page with your career’s most important milestones
  • a video of your last conference or TED talk
  • a CTA or a direct link to your Skype profile
  • possibility to schedule a chat with you on tools such as Calendly

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