AR for Food and Beverage: a new experience for tastebuds

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Give your label an upgrade

One of the most problematic areas in food and beverage packaging is the fact that producers must give a lot of specific information in very little space.

Bombay Sapphire took the bottle to life with AR

Menu? Overrated.

Food and beverage tourism is a thing: but a vast limit of this flourishing market is, sometimes, not understanding the languages, and consequently, restaurant menus.

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AR menu at restaurants is going to be a huge game-changer

More safety for consumers

Anyone that had to deal with food allergies in the first person or on the producer’s side knows how important it is to provide all the information about the presence of allergens in food and drinks.

Some case studies

Of course, from health to marketing, the perks of having Augmented Reality technology integrated into your food and beverage market strategy are potentially infinite.

Guinness “Decor your Pint.”

What’s better than a Christmas special of your favorite TV show aired in summer? A Christmas case study in July!

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“Decor your Pint” AR experience by Guinness

Absolut Vodka brings you to Sweden

The vodka brand released an AR experience that takes consumers to the village where Absolut is produced, letting them explore the entire process of making vodka: from the wheat fields to the distillery.

Absolut Vodka takes consumers to Sweden with AR

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