AR in eCommerce: how to improve sales and customer retention

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How does AR revolutionize eCommerce’s world?

Augmented Reality creates a personalized customer experience in the eCommerce world and digital markets all around, by blurring the line between the physical reality and the virtual one.

The advantages of augmented reality in eCommerce

What are the benefits this technology brings to brands and businesses, in a nutshell?

  • Complete personalization: Most purchasers like to explore multiple avenues when it comes to selecting a specific product. With AR, people can now bride physical and psychological barriers and test out their preferences, while experiencing a whole new way to online shopping. The possibility to experiment with colors, textures, patterns, sizes, etc. are all vivid possibilities.
  • An engaging shopping experience: AR grants customers a more assured examination of their choice and reduces the chances of any return or exchange incidents taking place, which saves both time and money. Furthermore, as this report says, 35% of customers say AR would make them shop online more often. Not bad!
  • A little push down the sales funnel: it is known, funnel marketing is a thing. While converting a potential customer to an actual one can be difficult for companies that are facing fierce competition out there, improving the online shopping experience can be a crucial factor to attract new customers and actually retain them during all the sales processes.

The future of augmented reality concerning eCommerce

Augmented Reality is, as for now, playing a pivotal role in the dimension of eCommerce.

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