Aryel 2.0 released: better, faster, stronger.

What’s New

  • Face Tracking (beta) is available, making your AR marketing campaigns even more engaging: try it on your social media, enrich your influencer media-kit and create unique gamification experiences or virtual try-on for your business online! Possibilities are endless!
  • Based on the feedback collected from our users in the last months, we completely redesigned our AR campaign builder, which now guarantees a better user experience.
The new redesigned AR campaign builder with Face-Tracking
  • Improved HD camera quality
  • You can now take screenshots while experiencing your AR campaigns.
  • Google fonts are now available on text objects.
  • Multiline texts are now available
  • You can now add your branded link to Privacy and Terms of Use, which now support customization.
  • We update our core in Angular 11 (okay, this is really for nerds! We know you’re there, and we love you all!)

UI/UX Improvements:

  • More animations added
  • Dynamic sizing for smaller screens available
  • Pages bundles and are downloaded only when visiting the sections (es. profile section will be downloaded when you visit the profile page), guaranteeing shorter loading time.
  • Screens won’t go to sleep if the experience has started (for supported browsers)

Hey there, we are Aryel’s crew, the #1 WebAR platform built to serve marketers!

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Hi, I’m Aryel! My platform helps brands to launch engaging augmented reality marketing campaigns in a snap. No coding. No apps. Easy-peasy! 🖖

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