Creative ways to use AR in print media

Greeting cards

Who doesn’t love greeting cards? From birthdays to graduations, celebrating milestones in loved ones’ lives is a lovely tradition in many different cultures.

Business cards

We won’t get too much into details about adding an AR touch to business cards since we dedicated a whole article about this topic here.


Even in a low-touch and highly digitalized reality like the one we’re living in, many people still print their favorite pics.


Have you ever read a Harry Potter book, or maybe watched a movie? If yes, you probably remember how cool were all those living paintings in Hogwarts.


Ah catalogs! Whether you’re selling furniture or clothes, nothing can replace an in-person shopping experience, right?

Workbooks and user manuals

Here we explained how integrating AR technology in printed material can make learning more immersive and engaging.

Restaurant menus

Have you ever been to China? Or maybe to Russia? Or to any foreign country in which you cannot understand a single world from a restaurant menu?

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