Give education an extra kick: AR for students and scholars

Four ways AR enhances education

AR enhances memorization

As this study by Gettingsmart reports, students remember 90% of the material if learned through experience, compared to a regular student who can remember 30% of what they hear and 20% of what they see in traditional classrooms.

AR is easy to integrate

Thanks to platforms like Aryel, integrating Augmented Reality on books and manuals and everyday class can be cost-effective and comfortable even for teachers and professors who don’t have coding skills or technical knowledge.

AR improves learning techniques

According to this Researchgate study, AR can accelerate learning paces while enhancing cognitive functions and memory.

Infinite learning contexts

Whether it is for primary school students or university scholars, AR can adapt to any kind of learning context. Personalization is one of its strengths and can majorly benefit education.

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