How to set KPIs for your augmented reality campaign and measure ROI

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Aryel’s available metrics and insights

Aryel is a platform made with marketers in mind; that’s why even the basic plan provides some metrics that make the effort spent off-and online measurable, tastable, and therefore efficient.

Metrics available in Shuttlepod plan

Shuttlepod plan provides the essential metrics you need to improve your presence off- and online.

  • Views: the single view a user performs while interacting with your AR experience.
  • Scans: each time an experience is launched via one of its triggers.
  • Avg. View Duration: how long visitors have stayed on average on an individual experience.
  • % New Views: percentage of new views on the scene.
  • Time of Day: what time of the day users interact with your campaign.
  • Devices: from which devices users see the campaign.
  • Browsers: from which devices users see the campaign.

Metrics available in Skyrocket and Starship plan

With Skyrocket and Starship plans arrive more advanced metrics; on top of the basic ones, here you have the opportunity to get information about:

  • Scenes/View: the average number of scenes displayed per view.
  • Avg. Scene Duration: the average duration of time spent on a single scene.
  • Goal Completion: the total number of times users complete a specific action (conversion).
  • Goal Value: the total monetary value relative to the completed conversions.
  • Goal Conversion Rate: the percentage of completion of a goal in relation to the total number of times the user has been subjected to it.

How to set KPIs for your augmented reality campaign

Let’s start from the beginning: the first thing you need to know about any campaign is the desired result and the AR role in achieving it.

  • Scenes/User
  • Average time/Asset on Stage

Quality over quantity: which KPIs are better to keep in mind

When you first check your metrics, the first data you monitor is the number of users who came in touch with your Augmented Reality experience.

Practical example:

Why KPIs will save the world

Or, at least, why KPIs will boost your business and increase your brand awareness, that comes pretty close to saving your world.

Practical example:

Adding value to your goals

Goals are linked with interactions and are useful for measuring how often users complete specific actions. A conversion is the execution of a desired action by users interacting with your campaign, such as a CTA-click or a particular interaction with the AR object.

Practical example:

How to add value to your goals on Aryel

Now that you have a clear understanding of why monitoring KPIs and adding value to your users’ actions is crucial to your marketing strategy let’s see how you can do it on Aryel’s platform.

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