Is AR a huge turning point for marketing?

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The use of AR in marketing and advertising

Employing AR technology in advertising is fairly new for small and medium businesses. Still, it is more common for big brands that are already incorporating this innovation in their marketing strategies — offering engaging experiences to their customers in a way they have never done before.

How can AR be used in marketing, and why?

AR is still a relatively new tech innovation, and that’s why we have only partially explored its potential applications. However, augmented reality is currently innovating the marketing and advertising industry in several ways:

  • Trying on products before buying them.
  • Letting users interacting with brands and raising awareness towards them.
  • Improving the B2B sales process, creating a dynamic sales presentation material.
  • Enhancing visual and traditional storytelling, exploiting its potential.

AR marketing fields of application

Marketing is a broad area that incorporates different fields, such as digital marketing, on- and offline communication, and so on. Therefore, we highlighted some of the most exciting and innovative fields of application for AR technology in marketing.

AR for packaging

For industries segments in which the competition bar is set very high, it could be tough to differentiate a product from the many others on the market. Here’s where AR comes into play.

2019 Coca-Cola’s AR Campaign

AR for print media

When you think about ROI and analytics, print media are always a pain in the neck — how could the marketing department know how many people have seen all flyers, posters, and printed media out there? The answer is easy: thanks to AR technology.

2019 Burger King — Burn That Ad Campaign

AR for social media

As everyone knows, social media is all about sharing experiences, and brand-side, getting in touch with potential new consumers, and catching their attention. Unfortunately, this is getting harder and harder every year, with the competition growing higher, and the users’ attention that is getting lower than ever.

Gamification and AR

Gamification has lately become one of the most exciting marketing strategies for brands that want to stand out from the competition. With gamification, businesses can offer their customers engaging ads, by integrating game design elements to real-life contexts.

AR for interactive learning

Another field in which AR can be a game-changer is interactive learning, or, more commonly, publishing businesses and book industry.

AR applied to flashcards to improve Chemistry learning in schools

AR for product visualization

One of the biggest challenges in online shopping is not being able for customers to try on or see the products in a real-life context.

AR for business cards

Even if they seem to be a bit old-school in the internet era, where everything is highly digitalized, there are still some occasions and cultures (like the Japanese one) where business cards are crucial in business meetings.

AR for product instructions

Product instructions are often dull, mistranslated, and hard to interpret. Wouldn’t video instructions be more understandable and clear than the usual black and white, stylized drawings?


In this article, we explored the potential benefits of integrating AR in marketing strategies, delving into different case studies and application fields.

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