The reason why AR will take over the entertainment industry

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One of the most remunerative industry is, not surprisingly, the entertainment one. After all, humans like to be entertained and love games.

But, as we often stated, they also love to interact with what they’re experiencing — so, what if we tell you that AR is the next big thing in interactive entertainment?

Not only for video games, of course, but AR can be a game-changer also in the movie industry, giving the audience a 100% immersive experience when sitting on the couch or at the cinema.

AR for video games

Since their first appearance, video games have evolved impressively, giving users an experience that is every year more realistic and engaging and making up 26 percent of all media consumption hours (source:

Some gaming house already tested the AR technology in video games, such as Niantic with their fortunate Ingress and Pokemon Go — as a report says, 35 percent of non-gamers express interest in AR gaming. This is significant, given that 23 percent of consumers are non-gamers (source:

Also, considering that AR can significantly help users processing information, this technology can be a significant turning point for edutainment videogames, letting users actually learn while having fun.

AR for movie industry

The movie industry is no new to Augmenter Reality, from marketing campaigns, to actual movie production.

Giving the audience the feeling of being immersed in a cinematic universe, mostly for kids movies, science fiction, or fantasy, can boost sales of tickets and merchandise and give the fan a unique experience.

Of course, the biggest production companies already used Augmented Reality to bring movie posters to life or giving interactive experiences letting the audience scanning cinema tickets to know more about the movie and see some exclusive backstage content.

Not mentioning all the times Augmented Reality appears inside the movies, looking so incredibly futuristic, but actually no, we can really do those fantastic things 😂 One example? One of our favourite cinematic universe, Marvel’s Avengers, features AR many times in the saga: from virtual meetings to supercomputers, the technology featured in the movies is not that far from reality, after all!

Of course, from videogames to the movie industry, AR has been on budget only for most important majors… since now. Thanks to platforms like Aryel, even young filmmakers and video game developers can add that little touch of AR magic to their products, respecting their budget. How? Just come and say hi on and discover all the perks of having AR by your side!

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