Users’ engagement: content is king, but AR is the army

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AR: the new frontier of online engagement

Content is king. How many times have you heard this sentence? Impossible to say, since marketers have been bombarded with it.

  • WOW factor: the power of words and images is impressive, of course. What if you could trigger emotions in your users? AR exploits the senses and let users empathize with the content, speaking both to their minds and emotions.
  • Engage the right audience: let’s be honest, most users spend most of their time online, and they want to see something new. According to GlobalWebIndex, AR users fall into the 16–34 age group, Millennials and Gen Z — in other words, the people who already are or are going to be your customers in the next future. Why not start thinking about how to engage them in a language they know and love, like AR?
  • Budget-friendly: here we hit a nerve. Marketing can be costly and AR, as well. But it doesn’t have to be like that: Aryel is a platform tailored to your needs. Choose the plan and pay accordingly on what you need. As easy as that.
  • Close the off- online gap: AR closes the loop between offline and online communication. Thanks to triggers, users that are interacting with offline content can be carried online while giving them a unique, engaging experience.
  • Storytelling at its finest: Aryel loves stories, and AR is the best way to tell them. With Aryel’s builder, it’s easy to create engaging storytelling experiences for your users and share them online!


In this article, we started from marketing 101 notions, to stress the potential of AR in terms of engagement, when integrated in a marketing mix.

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