Users’ engagement: content is king, but AR is the army

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If you are a marketer, what we are going to say won’t surprise you at all, but let’s start from basics: in digital marketing, content is king, but storytelling is the queen. This means it’s not only what you say, but how you do that.

Easy, right? Of course, it is, but again if you’ve worked in the marketing field for a while, you know how engaging users online can sometimes be a bit harsh.

It could even feel like you have great ideas in mind, but it’s hard to communicate them behind the screen of a smartphone, tablet, or even pc — we know how it feels.

However, a significant change is going to revolutionize the world of digital marketing, boosting engagement and bring the wow effect back: because if the content is king and storytelling is queen… AR is the whole army.

Let’s see why.

AR: the new frontier of online engagement

Content is king. How many times have you heard this sentence? Impossible to say, since marketers have been bombarded with it.

Of course it is still valid, content is essential — but marketing sometimes it is like a gift: it doesn’t matter how cool the present is, the package must be up to that standard as well.

Let’s take a moment to talk about storytelling or the noble art of engaging users.

Nothing’s better than a good story to let people interact with your brand; that’s why the way you communicate your message is so important.

But with a constantly growing online competition between brands, making yours shine can be hard — especially if your budget for marketing is limited.

Here’s the point where Augmented Reality can come in your help, introducing a whole new way to engage with users both online and offline:


In this article, we started from marketing 101 notions, to stress the potential of AR in terms of engagement, when integrated in a marketing mix.

AR technology is now at a crucial point: it is known enough to attract users without scepticism, and at the same point, can still get that WOW effect boosting interactions and engagement.

Platforms like Aryel are an incredible resource for marketers: Aryel is budget-friendly, seamlessly integrates with any workflow, and, most important, it’s easy to use!

If this article caught your eye and you want to know more about the benefits of integrating Augmented Reality in your marketing mix, check all Aryel’s articles on her Medium page.

See you next time!

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